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Empowering Your Service Advisors and BDC Team with RepairPal


The perception that dealership service departments are overpriced has plagued the automotive industry for decades. It’s one of the main reasons why over 70% of car owners to turn away from dealerships for post-warranty repair and maintenance services. However, this widespread perception not only affects your customers, but can also affect your service advisors and BDC team.

At RepairPal, we have spoken with dealership employees before they joined our network and discovered that many service advisors believe that their prices are higher than those of other repair facilities. This belief can lead to a lack of confidence when communicating with customers and addressing their concerns about pricing.

By partnering with RepairPal, dealerships can validate their pricing using our platform, which provides fair price estimates based on industry standards. RepairPal’s comprehensive pricing information and estimates for repairs can be used to demonstrate to customers that their pricing is both fair and competitive with other service facilities in their area.

This capability allows service staff to communicate pricing more effectively, and better combat negative price perception. It also can help service teams reduce discounting, as they’ll be able to show that they are fair-priced. This can save dealerships money, and help win more customers who may have turned down service due to cost.

In addition to providing pricing validation, RepairPal’s platform offers detailed information on common repairs and services, providing service advisors and BDC teams with the tools they need to answer customer questions and concerns accurately. With this information, they can provide customers with advice and recommendations, building trust and loyalty.

Furthermore, RepairPal Certified dealerships get access to a wide variety of signage and digital assets to showcase in their service drive and on their website. These help your service team spread the message of fair and transparent pricing, and provides customers with a sense of credibility knowing that your dealership has partnered with a trusted 3rd party. 

In summary, partnering with RepairPal can empower your dealership’s service advisors and BDC teams with the tools and knowledge they need to increase customer trust and confidence, improve customer loyalty, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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