The Customer Journey for Auto Repair


The customer journey for auto repair can be a complex and confusing process for many vehicle owners. It is essential for dealerships to understand each stage of this journey to provide the best service to their customers. In this article, we’ll break down the six stages of the customer journey for auto repair and explain how RepairPal can help dealerships at each stage.

Stage 1: Awareness

The awareness stage is when customers become aware that there is a problem with their vehicle. At this point, they may not know how serious the problem is or what it will cost to fix it. Dealerships can build trust with customers by providing information and guidance during this stage.

 RepairPal can assist with this by providing articles and customer-facing information on common car problems. By becoming RepairPal Certified, dealerships can gain access to this information and share it with customers before a repair. This builds trust by showing transparency and empowering customers to do their research.

Stage 2: Research

During the research stage, customers begin to look for a place to get their vehicle fixed. The majority of this research is done online, and customers often search for their vehicle’s repair cost nearby. RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator™ and Certified dealer listings are two resources that customers may use during this stage.

Thanks to RepairPal’s SEO ranking, Certified dealership websites also appear high in the search results. This is an opportunity for your dealership to ensure that your website is optimized and that you are listed as a RepairPal Certified dealer.

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Stage 3: Consideration

In the consideration stage, customers begin comparing prices. They want to ensure they are not overpaying for repairs and are looking for a transparent facility.

Dealerships can demonstrate that their prices are fair by becoming RepairPal Certified. This gives customers access to RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator™, which provides quotes on service that are aligned with other service providers in their area. 

This is extremely crucial in this stage when your customers are considering who to service their vehicle with. Providing transparency in your pricing will build trust and encourage customers to choose your dealership for their repairs.

Stage 4: Decision

In the decision stage, customers make their decision on where to take their car for high-quality, fair-priced repair. It’s important in this stage to make scheduling an appointment easy for customers so they don’t get discouraged and go elsewhere. 

RepairPal Certified Dealer’s get access to our Estimator Widget, which can be easily added to your website website and allow customers to get a repair estimate and schedule their repair without leaving the site. If they choose to speak with a service advisor and BDC rep, the talk tracks that RepairPal puts in place helps combat any negative price perception and secure more appointments.

Stage 5: Service

In the service stage, servicing your customer’s vehicle is a great opportunity to build trust and drive consumers back to your service drive. Vehicle owners want a great experience and to feel confident that they have not overpaid for repairs. Checking prices before, during, and after repair work is an excellent way to build trust with your customers and encourage them to return to your dealership for future repairs.

Stage 6: Retention

The retention stage starts at the beginning, by providing customers with an easy and transparent experience. In addition to that, having third-party price validation helps combat the misconception that dealerships overcharge and keeps customers coming back post-warranty. 

Dealerships can leverage the RepairPal Certified brand when sending service reminders to eliminate discounting and show customers that they are fairly priced. This is an opportunity to build customer loyalty and increase retention.

In conclusion, understanding the customer journey for auto repair is crucial for car dealerships. By providing transparency in pricing, building trust with customers, and leveraging the RepairPal Certified brand, dealerships can increase customer retention, combat negative price perception, and build trust with their customers. RepairPal can help dealerships provide the best customer service and build trust with their customers. 

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