How to talk about pricing with customers


The majority of auto repair customers believe in the common misconception that Dealerships are overpriced. By choosing to become RepairPal Certified, we can provide you with the tools you need to change their mind and prove you are fair priced.

Below are some common objections you may face when it comes to talking about pricing with customers, and tips on how to best handle them. 

  • A customer states you’re overpriced:
    • We work with a trusted third-party network called RepairPal that validates that our pricing is fair and consistent with multiple service facilities in our area. We directly compare and fall within the same price range.
  •  A customer wants to shop around to find a better price:
    • We’ve already shopped around for you! Our partner, RepairPal, is a trusted third-party network that directly compares our pricing to multiple service facilities around us. Our pricing is right in line with “the number of” shops in the area. 
    • NOTE: You can find the list of other service facilities in the area by checking the Estimator or Shop List on
  • A customer says they “have a shop” and will use them for the repair after diagnosing:
    • Does your shop offer a warranty for their work? Reinforce the reason they are at the dealer for diagnostics. We have a warranty to back you up in case any issues arise. Keep in mind, our pricing directly compares to multiple high quality repair facilities in the area, and we can guarantee you’re getting a fair price.
  • A customer says they can get it cheaper elsewhere:
    • Do you know if that includes OEM parts? Do they specialize in the make? Keep in mind we only use OEM parts, and our techs are certified experts to work on your vehicle. That experience ensures it will be done right the first time.
  • A customer is in the drive and won’t let up on cost and you’ve already brought up that you’re fair priced:
    • Suggest they look up the estimate on their smartphone for validation.
  • What if you can’t get the customer an estimate when you’re on the phone?
    • That is the perfect time to use the Estimator to build the estimate and book the appointment.
  • If a customer continues to push-back:
    • Reinforce the benefits of getting work done at a dealer. You have OEM certified techs, OEM equipment, an OEM parts department, and more employees than your typical independent which means you can probably get the job done faster. Time is important to a customer.


Having a trusted third-party confirm you are fair priced can provide your customers with a sense of trust and confidence in your dealership. This can improve your reputation, convert new customers, and help you build long lasting relationships with your current customers.

If you haven’t yet become RepairPal Certified, feel free to schedule a demo today!

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