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5 Reasons to Use RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator in Your Fixed Ops Marketing


Consumers often have the perception that dealerships are a more expensive option for auto repair. Because of this, over 80% of customers stop using dealerships for repair post-warranty. As an industry professional, you already know about the RepairPal Certification and its effect on your credibility; did you also know that incorporating mentions of our Fair Price Estimator in your fixed ops marketing could help you retain your existing customers, while also bringing in new business?

By combining manufacturer-suggested retail pricing for parts with automotive industry labor data, the tool lets consumers know what kind of costs to expect. It also provides a range based on prices at other high-quality service locations in your area, proving that you are no more expensive than your competition. When you mention this tool to your customers, you provide them with 5 good reasons to take their business to you.

1. Opens a Dialog

When a prospective customer contacts your dealership and wants to learn more about the price for a repair, you can educate them about RepairPal’s website about the fair price range in which you abide by. This empowers your service advisors and assures the consumer that you’re fair priced. Coupled with this, you can also let them know what all else you offer. Examples might include free loaner vehicles or a warranty on labor.

2. Puts Your Honesty in Plain View

RepairPal Certified dealers can leverage the RepairPal brand to show they are fair priced. Certified dealers can also include to the estimator widget on their website. Doing so is a huge selling point and can increase your SEO & Google ranking.

3. Enforces Fair Dealings

Being RepairPal Certified enforces fair dealings and lets the customer know that you are committed to fair pricing. In addition to this, all RepairPal Certified dealers offer a warranty on their service, providing peace of mind for consumers.

4. Helps Get More Same Day Sales

Often times, consumers choose to shop around before committing to an appointment. The main reason being they want to make sure they are getting the best deal on the repair. With RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator, you’ll be able to do the “shopping around” for them. The Fair Price Estimator empowers your Service Advisors and BDC with the tools they need to combat price objections, and secure appointments.

Dealers who use the Fair Price Estimator widget on their website get an even bigger boost by allowing customers to get quotes on service when scheduling an appointment. This can help with your online appointment conversion by reassuring the consumer while they’re making the decision to book an appointment with your dealership.


5. Educates Consumers About Repairs

By using the Fair Price Estimator, you can help customers understand what goes into the repair process, and why the cost is what it is. While getting an estimate, they’ll be able to read about their vehicle’s issue and why it’s important to get it fixed. They’ll also be able to see a cost breakdown of how much parts and labor will cost for the repair.

This is an added level of transparency that will make the customer feel better about the price, and more confident in your dealership’s service department.

With these 5 reasons in mind, there is little doubt that auto repair marketing materials that feature our Fair Price Estimator will help you build trust with your customers.

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